Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't get any E-mail confirmation after filling in the joining form. Am I in?

When you join via the web-form your info is saved for review in the next board meeting, which approves all new members. There is no separate confirmation that your info was received. The board is meeting monthly, and once your membership has been approved you will soon receive an E-mail with you membership number and billing information for the membership fee. We often welcome new members in a Facebook bulletin as well.


I didn't receive any membership info E-mail.

Many E-mail providers (Gmail, Yahoo etc) have spam filters. Even important messages like membership info may end up in your spam folder, so please check that first. Some E-mail services also have inbox size limits, so make sure yours isn't exceeded. If you are certain that you should receive an E-mail from us, and it isn't even in the spam folder, please get in touch directly by E-mailing us at: jasenasiat(at)


My contact information has changed, how do I inform VYS about this?

You can use the form on our webpage. Just select Update my information instead of Become a member. Alternatively you can also E-mail us directly at jasenasiat(at)
Especially E-mail address changes are important to update as soon as possible, as that is our main communication channel. Also make sure your inbox isn't over its size limit.

Why is my age relevant for joining?

The association rules require members to be 18 years of age. This is asked just for confirmation. We do not collect this information, nor do we need your social security number.


Where do I get to know about VYS events?

We inform about upcoming events:


What is the payment information of VYS?

The VYS bank account number is FI18 1745 3000 1528 94 , please remember to use the individual reference number stated on any bill you receive.


What is this thing? Is it only for finnish speakers?

We are a Finland-based friends of whisky association, "Fellowship of Whisky" is our english name. Whisky is to be enjoyed by everybody, regardless of their native language! The hard fact is of course that nearly all of our current members are native Finnish-speakers and therefore nearly all of our tastings and happenings have so far been conducted in Finnish. It certainly helps if you can understand and/or speak a little Finnish since the communal aspect of enjoying whisky is so important. So far, not much of our communication to our members is in English, but this can change in the future.