Fellowship of Whisky, VYS In a Nutshell

The abbreviation VYS comes from the original Finnish name of our fellowship: Viskin Ystävien Seura. We are a registered association under Finnish law. Our goal is to bring together whisky enthusiasts and anyone interested in whiskies to share their experiences of tastes. We are open to all styles of whisky, as well as all whisky producing regions. Our fellowship operates all over Finland. By organising tastings and other events we activate whisky enthusiasts and bring new experiences. Whisky importers and selected restaurants are our close partners.


Fellowship of Whisky, VYS Board Organisation 2015

Jarkko Nikkanen tastings jarkko(at)
Veera Salo communications veera(at)
Mikko Honkanen area responsible: Eastern Finland mikko(at)
Mika Tuhkanen whisky culture,  area responsible: Western Finland  
Rami Urrio membership communications, area responsible: Western Finland jasenasiat(at)
Jaakko Salo chairman, web-admin jaakko(at)
Mikael Leppä Japanese whiskies and tastings  
Mikko Hietanen Amercian whiskeys and tastings  
Antti Salminen branding, communications  
Satu Krökki communications  
Henrik Malmberg board vice-member  
Eerik Riekkinen board vice-member  
Maija Karppinen board vice-member  
Petri Vesanen board vice-member  
VYS local area contacts
Heikki Puhakka area responsible: Northern Finland heikki.puhakka(at)